EGAlift case elevator


  • Adaptable to all case sizes
  • Modular
  • Silent operation
  • 7 lift/min.
  • Built in reject function
  • Can deliver cases to two sides
  • Can deliver cases in different height positions


  • Configurable conveyor
  • Stainless steel edition
  • Special lifting height



Capacity/cycle time:   8 sec./lift
Product weight:    Max. 50 kg.
Lifting height:   2500mm (Configurable)
Delivery height:   Can deliver cases in different height positions
Reject function:   On both sides
Conveyor length:   530mm (Configurable)
Conveyor width:   400mm (Configurable)
Colour:   Configurable
Material:   Painted and zinc plated steel. On request in stainless steel
Air consumption:   None
Voltage:   230/400 V AC
Power consumption:   1,1 kW, depending on speed, lifting height and product weight
Case size(L x B x H):   Configurable
Weight:   300 kg, depending on configuration
Dimensions (L x B x H):   1120x950x2860 (standard) (Configurable)