Packaging and palletizing solution at Mac Baren
Packaging and palletizing of tobacco pouches at Mac Baren
Packaging and palletizing solution at Mac Baren
Palletizing robot at Mac Baren


The challenge

Due to an expansion of the production capacity, the company has, in 2014, invested in a packaging and palletizing solution of tobacco pouches. As the company constantly develops, they wanted the line expanded in 2016 and adapted to a new packaging line producing new tobacco brands and pouches. Therefore, Mac Baren wanted to invest in a new machinery system that could be integrated with the existing palletizing solution, also provided by Egatec, and adapted to the existing layout. They wanted compactness, as space was limited.


We were looking for a packaging and palletizing solution that was compact, flexible and efficient in terms of both operation modes and machine adjustments in connection with our many product changeovers.

18 months ago, we installed a similar solution from Egatec, which we, in principle, have copied with some improvements in the packaging machine (EGApacker) and case sealer. Due to layout reasons, we have also included a case lift as palletizing from both packaging lines are integrated into a single EGApicker.

The project process and cooperation with Egatec has been good throughout the entire process. Egatec’s skills in machine building and our specific product and operations knowledge have resulted in really good solutions.

Thorbjørn Nielsen, Technical Manager - Mac Baren Tobacco Company A/S

The solution

The complete solution can handle tobacco pouches of various sizes and packaging types. Tobacco pouches, from 5 to 10 in a package, are transported to the EGApacker with integrated barcode scanner. A label is affixed before the pouches are packed into boxes. Next, the box is transported to a case sealer (EGAsealer) which seals the box with adhesive tape before sending it for palletizing, where the two production lines are connected. One of the production lines has a case lift (EGAlift) that carries the boxes above the existing installations.

The palletizing robot EGApicker is equipped with four pallet spaces where pallets are available in two different sizes and stored inside the robot – one on each side. When the EGApicker picks up a box with a suction plate, the box passes a printer that automatically places a label on two sides. The box is then moved onto a pallet. The robot can distinguish between the two production lines. In addition, it palletizes in a pattern in which pallet size is identified - and whether a liner board is needed.

The entire system was easily integrated into Mac Baren’s production environment, as the machines are compact and flexible.


About Mac Baren Tobacco Company A/S

Mac Baren is one of the world's leading pipe tobacco companies. Mac Baren exports its own brands to more than 70 markets worldwide and the factory in Svendborg, Denmark also produces pipe tobacco for some of the world's largest pipe tobacco companies.