Packaging and palletizing for end-of-line

Egatec Packaging Int. provides complete turnkey automated robotic solutions within packaging and palletizing to a wide range of industries.

It is our objective to provide high quality solutions, whether it is standalone og turnkey solutions, that minimizes production costs and eliminates monotonous repetitive work..



Reliable and compact packaging solutions



Fast and reliable palletizing solutions

Internal Transport


Flexible solutions for the internal transportation

A-one case packers


Case packers for the food industry

Turnkey solutions

The machine series offer a modular and compact solutions for automation within packaging, palletizing and internal transportation that can be used for every application - from small to large footprints.

The series offer maximum efficiency through flexible and user-friendly solutions which can support the most complex automation requirements.

Benefits include increased capacity and better working environment, as our solutions protect employee for repetitive and heavy work. It also ensures low production costs, enabling our customers to improve their competitiveness. 

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EGA product series

EGAlog - real time production

Our web-based presentation tool EGAlog monitors, collects and processes your production and consumption data so you get a complete overview of your own production.

How much does the machine produce? How many boxes are packaged and palletized? Has there been an error in production? What is the temperature in the room?

All data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible through a browser at anytime and anywhere.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about EGAlog.

EGAlog - Egatec Packaging Int.

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