Palletizing robot EGApicker - Egatec Packaging Int.
Palletizing robto EGApicker - Egatec Packaging Int.
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Palletizing robot 12 meter long - Egatec Packaging
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  • Plug and play palletizing robot
  • Can be fitted to your production
  • Cycle time up to 10 picks per minute
  • Possible to make 10 palletizing stations
  • Silent operation
  • Handles up to 100 kg/pick
  • Minimum footprint
  • Userfriendly control system. Operators can easily edit and make new palletizing patterns


  • Gripper tool or Vacuum tool
  • Fork tool
  • Interlayer magazine
  • Built in pallet magazine
  • Automatic pallet change
  • Stainless steel edition
  • High speed pattern builder
  • Automatic label dispenser



Dimensions L X B:   2.550 X 1.600mm (base unit)
Configurability:   The number of palletizing stations, interlayer magazines, pallet magazines,
in- and outlet conveyor systems are all configurable
Cleaning:    EGApicker is easy to clean, and we are also food industry approved
Accessibility:   Good accessibility and easy loading and unloading
Construction:   The mechanical construction of EGApicker is very rigid which allows high
speeds because of the stability
Extra tools:   More gripper tools available
Axes:   4 (3 baseaxis X, Y, Z and rotation of head)
Product weigth:   max. 100 kg.
Capacity:   max. 10 picks/min.
Gripper head:   Unigrip (Universal vacuum gripper head)
Inlet conveyor width:   300mm (Configurable)
Colour:   Configurable
Material:   Painted steel. Zinc plated
Pallet size:   800×1200mm (Configurable)
Load height:   2200mm (Configurable)
Min. height to ceiling with fixed Z-axis:   5.200mm (At load height of 2200mm)
Min. height to ceiling with telescopic Z-axis:   4.200mm (At load height of 2200mm)
Weight:   1.200 kg depending on configuration