Agile1500 Modules


  Box integration
  Pallet integration
  Pallet lifting integration


AGV Agile1500 - Egatec Packaging Int.
AGV Agile1500 - Egatec Packaging Int.
AGV Agile1500 - Egatec Packaging Int.


  • High performance vehicle
  • Best in class payload to size ratio
  • Modular design
  • Multipurpose applications can be implemented
  • Multiple navigation systems are possible


  • ​Complete reconfigurability protects ROI and reduces TCO
  • Full compatibility with other Kollmorgen-based AGV systems
  • Intuitive programming interface
  • Full connectivity and diagnostic Factory 4.0 ready
  • Human-robot collaborative (safe)
  • Improved safety and ergonomics compared to traditional solutions
  • Simplified maintenance

Multi AGV

The AGV from Comau – Agile1500, is designed for industrial use and can be fitted to any manufacturing environment for optimization of the internal logistics. Agile1500 has a payload of 1500 kg. and a size of a EUR pallet. Furthermore, the AGV is multifunctional - depending on the application, it can pull up to 5 tons, lift and even function as a "follow me" cart.

AGV Agile1500


Agile1500 works with different navigation systems such as natural navigation, where a laser scanner is used to recognize natural landmarks such as walls and other surfaces. The AGV also works with more traditional navigation such as magnetic spot and tape or reflexes. In addition, multiple navigation can also be used by combining different systems.  

AGV Agile1500


External dimensions (LxWxH):   1404 x 680 x 330 mm
Weigh:    350 kg
Maximum payload:   1500 kg
Environment:   Indoors
Max speed:   1,7 m/s
Repeatability:   +/- 10 mm
Charging (Lithium battery):   about 1,25 hour for full battery. Charging without plug
Movement:   Back and forth at maximum speed