s-c swing


  • Width and length can be customized
  • Modular
  • Drummotor
  • Silent operation


  • Electrical cabinet with BUS-system and frequency converter
  • Stainless steel
  • Different supports
  • Conveyor material after request
  • Side guide
  • Pusher function
  • Buffer function
  • S and C swing (with belts)



Speed:   0.049 to 0.913 m/s
Product weight:    Standard 50 kg/conveyor
Conveyor lenght:   Min. 500mm – Max. 5000mm (Customizable)
Conveyor width:   Customizable
Belt type:   PVC, PU (Customizable)
Drive type:   Drum motor
Colour:   Customizable
Material:   Painted steel/zinc plated
Weight:   approx. 25 kg/m – depending on width